Treating Tonsil Stones from Home

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So, what are tonsil stones? Tonsil stones are yellowy, odd shaped stones found in crevices of the tonsils, also known as tonsilloliths. While tonsil stones aren’t considered dangerous, they can cause other problems such as bad breath. Suffering from such bad breath can really have an adverse effect on your confidence so getting rid of your tonsil stones should be of paramount importance.

Tonsil stones are a combination of dead cells made up of hard mucous, nasal drippings, bacteria and left over bits of food. When these all stick together over time and attach themselves to the tonsils, they can cause problems down the road. For many people, tonsil stones are quite embarrassing, or at least not treating them leads to embarrassing issues such as bad breath mentioned above.

How do you know if you have tonsil stones? Again, consistent bad breath is one way to tell. You can sometimes flush down smaller stones but larger ones may need to be removed manually, especially if they impede your ability to swallow. If it’s irritating to swallow, get rid of those tonsil stones asap!

To get rid of your tonsil stones, here are some suggestions. Firstly, try to put a small amount of pressure on the tonsil crypts. You can try to use a Q-tip or cotton bud to remove them once exposed. Secondly, try gargling with warm salted water. While you may not completely remove your stones this way, you can help get rid of some of the bad smells coming from the stones. Thirdly, you can look for over-the-counter products or visit your doctor for a recommendation on which are the best to remove your tonsil stones.

By taking action on these annoying yet highly treatable tonsil stones, you’ll live a better life, have better breath, and be less embarrassed by that foul smell coming from your mouth.

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